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Getting Outdoors at Pen Y Bryn

Getting Outdoors at Pen Y Bryn!
  • Session 1
Reception went down to the woods today!! They were so excited and enjoyed every minute of the session. They went on a 'Treasure Hunt' and found leafs, acorns and conkers, and because they were so good at looking for treasure they got to make Pirate hats!


  • Session 2: Spring Term 2
February 2012
Reception went to the woods and made homes for animals out of logs, sticks and leafs! We learnt about different trees and where animals live.


  • Session 2: Spring Term 2
March 2012
Reception went to the outdoor area in school and made wooden necklaves with their names and a picture.
The children helped to make a fire and toasted marsh mellows on the fire- the children loved this part the most!

All children must wear- Wellies
                                     Waterproof/Warm coats
                                     Hats/Gloves if neccessary 

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