School closes 15th July.

End of the first half term!

We have had a very busy but wonderful first half term in Year 2! We have really enjoyed our first topic 'Supermarket' and are ready for our next topic 'Happiness'. We are also very excited about the Christmas play which the children have been given their words for today to learn over the half term. Details of all upcoming events are either in the newsletter which was sent out today or will be given to you shortly. Please continue to check the website for pop in dates. Parents meetings will commence shortly after half term to discuss your child's progress so far, details are to follow.
May we please just remind you that all bookbags must be brought in each day along with reading books and reading records. In addition to this all money which is brought into school for dinner, fruit, trips etc. must be brought in in a named envelope.
Thank you in advance and have a lovely half term holiday!

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