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Cyngor Eco

Croeso i Cyngor Eco Ysgol Pen y Bryn 2019-20

This year each class held open elections to decide who would be part of our new Eco Council. Competition was fierce with each pupil producing an exceptional presentation in a bid a to convince classmates that they were the right person for the job. Some even drafted in help from family members to help make their campaign extra special.



This year, your Eco Councillors are:

Fraser Williams 3CJ
Charle Burke 3CJ
Bea Boughton 3BF
Logne Mcglory 3BF
Maizy Goodwin 4HJ
Anna Burbridge 4HJ
Ben Jones 4NW
Mia Strydon 4NW
Ellis Davies 5DD
Naomi Degiorgio 5DD
Daniel Warrell 5HB
Ava Mann 5HB
Harley Simmons 6GE
Seren Lloyd 6GE
Lucy Burbridge 6GG
Luke Clearly 6GG

During an initial planning meeting, pupils put forward suggestions about what issues matter most to them. We also used the Four Purposes to guide our choices about what we could focus on this year.


Our 2019-20 Goals

  • To encourage all pupils to have a healthy tuck
  • To reduce litter on the yard and waste in classrooms
  • To begin to grow food items in our garden areas
  • To design a new Eco Display using recycled materials


Over the course of the year we will be bringing you updates about how we are getting on with meeting our goals.




Goal 1 - Healthy Tuck


First on the agenda in the new year will be tackling healthy tuck so get your thinking caps on to help us come up with ideas for how we can encourage everyone at Pen Y Bryn to be healthy, confident individuals.

Nurturing Healthy EthicalCreative Ambitious Learners

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