Autumn Term2:Electric Rainbow!

Autumn Term 2


Electric Rainbow!


This topic has a science focus and teaches the children about light, colour and electricity.  Children will be given the challenge of using their skills and understanding of light by creating a range of light sources for the King of Sparkle. We will learn about the meaning of light in Christianity and Hinduism by learning about Diwali the 'Festival of Light'.


This term will also be all about CHRISTMAS!!!! Details on our nativity will follow soon.....

Week 1
This is a really busy week. We are introducing the new topic to the children and finding out what they know. The children have been very excited by the topic title and are excited to learn about electricity, light and colour. We have been writing our half term news and learning our new writing targets. Ask us what they are!! Children have also been learning the story of Diwali and making lanterns for the 'festival of light'. We have been learning about light sources and making mind maps on types of light sources that we know.

Please keep reading with your child every night!!

Week 2

To begin this week we have been talking about 'Rememberance Day'. All the children have made their own poppy to wear and have been writing short sentences about why we have rememberance day. We have also been learning more about the festival of light and learning about how Hindu's celebrate. We are making lists of the different things they do to celebrate. We are also learning about light sources. Children are going on a light hunt around the school to find light sources.

This week we have really started rehearsing our MIDWIFE CRISIS. Children must all learn their lines as soon as possible. They are working so hard and are already putting on a fantastic show... you will not be disappointed!

Week 3

This week is national 'Anti-Bullying' week so we have been reading our author of the term books by David Mckee, 'Elmer'. We have been talking about how everyone is different and writing about what makes us different! We have been learning about the night time and what happens at night that is different to the day and sequencing daily activities. All children are revising subtraction this week. We are continuing to learn about Hinduism through ICT and books this week and really enjoy making creative rangoli patterns in sand, glitter, rice etc.  

Week 4

This week we are discussing Electrical Safety. We used a programme on electrical safety on the laptop which showed us the dangers in every room of our house. We discussed the rooms and the dangers in our own house. After this, we have been making Safety Posters to display around our school to make children aware of the dangers of electricity. The children knew about lots of dangers already which was very impressive. We are also learning about repeating patterns of up to 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 colours/shapes. We are still working really hard preparing our Nativity show. The children are getting better everyday!!

Week 5
During Week 5 we invented Light Sources. The King of Sparkles land had gone into complete darkness and he needed the children to design their own magical light source to lighten up his land. The children were really creative with their ideas. This week we also performed in our Christmas Nativity which was a HUGE success- please see in the nativity section for photographs.

Week 6 and 7
We have been completing MMS assessments and consolidating what we have learnt this term. We have also been getting very MESSY, GLITTERY AND SPARKLY with Christmas activities which have included-

  • Glittery water with jugs etc
  • Role Play Nativity area.
  • Pencil control work sheets (Christmas themed)
  • Dot to dot christmas pictures with numbers up to 20 to order with straight lines. All children must use a ruler.
  • Decorating and writing christmas cards.
  • Hand and feet printing reindeers which are all displayed in Morrisons in Colwyn Bay.
  • Hand and feet printing Santa's Sleigh and reindeer.
  • Cut and sticking snowmen so practice cutting skills.
  • Writing letters to Santa.
  • Learning 3D shapes by using presents wrapped up.
  • Santa's Elves building shop: children dressed as elves and had to plan and design something christmas related.
  • Glittery sand with bauballs........ and much more!!!

We wish you all a very Merry Christmas.

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