*School closes for half term Friday 27th May* School opens Monday 6th June*

Autumn Term- Growing and Changing

Autumn Term 1

Topic: Growing and Changing.

This term our topic is 'Growing and Changing'. We will be focusing on how we grow and change from babies until now, and how we will change in the future. We will also be discussing our families. We will also be learning about how animals grow and how the world around us changes, e.g. the seasons.

As part of this topic we would be grateful if you could bring in-
  • Any topic related books or objects- e.g. autumn story books or natural autumn objects, e.g. leafs, conkers, pine cones etc. Please label all items sent into school if you wish for them to return home.

We are also learning-


  • Numbers to 10- we are practicing recognising numbers to 10, ordering them and understanding number concepts to 10 (such as 'can you find me 8 conkers?')
  • Sounds- We are learning 2/3 sounds per week.
  • Personal and Social Skills- sharing, taking turns and adapting to full time school.
  • Pencil Control- forming letters and holding pens correctly.

We have been so busy during our first few weeks... here are some of the things we have been doing. Miss McCloskey

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