Autumn Term 2- The Toy Box & Christmas

Autumn Term 2
Topic: The Toy Box

Thank you for bringing in your favourite toys!!! All children painted a picture of their favourite toy, and took a photograph of it to develop childrens ICT skills.

We also will be focusing on-


  • Different types of toys and what they are. Which are our favourite toys and why.
  • How toys work developing vocabulary such as 'push' 'pull', 'turn' etc. We will be sorting toys into different types, for example, toys that move and toys which dont move, toys which have batteries and toys that dont.
  • Making our own toys- This week we are designing and planning the toy which we will be making. Children will have to think about what and how they will make it, and consider what materials they would like to use.
  • December-'Father Christmas's Toy Work Shop'- we will all become Elfs helping Father Christmas build toys in the work shop ready for Christmas.
  • Shapes- we have been revising 2d shapes in English and in Welsh (triongl=triangle, cylch=circle, sgwar=square). As the term goes on we will be introduce some 3d shapes such as cube and sphere. We will wrapping 3d shapes in the christmas toy shop as part of this topic. So if you have any 3d shaped containers, please feel free to send these in.




  • Christmas Story- retelling and sequencing the Christmas story.
  • Christmas Craft
  • Christmas Topic related activities in Mathematical Development and Language and Literacy.
Christmas Party- Wednesday 14th December
Christmas Pantomine- Thursday15th December.

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