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Autumn Term 1- Family Album

Autumn Term 1
Family Album

Welcome to Year 1. In our first term together we will be learning all about our five senses and how we use them, talking about our families in relation to ages and the past and present in our lives and we will be happily settling into Year 1.

We are all working really hard and have adjusted well to the new class and routine. We are revising lots of basic skills so far which include...
SS1 and 2 sounds- reading, writing and formation.
Numbers to 10, 30 or 100.
Adding and taking away to 10 or more.
2d Shapes.
Cutting skills.
Working with talking and learning partners.
News writing.
Author of the term: Jill Murphy
Picture 1 Year 1FM
Picture 2 Physical: fine motor skills and control.
Picture 3 Year 1FM
Picture 4 Families and Creative Development.
Picture 5 Year 1FM
Picture 6 Year 1FM
Picture 7 Senses- TOUCH
Picture 8 K&U and cutting
Picture 9 Year 1FM
Picture 10 Year 1FM
Picture 11 Year 1FM
Picture 12 Year 1FM
Picture 13 Creative and K&U
Picture 14 2D shapes and building
Picture 15 MD- Repeating patterns
Picture 16 Literacy Area- reading challenge
Picture 17 Year 1FM
Picture 18 Autumn K&U
Picture 19 Scoop and Count, Scoop and Read
Picture 20 Sand Challenge
Picture 21 Physical and Creative
Picture 22 NF- counting 10, 20 or up to 100 objects
Picture 23 Year 1FM
Picture 24 K&U Role PLay- Baby Clinic
Picture 25 Construction Area CHallenge
Picture 26 Creative Development- Team Work!
Picture 27 Year 1FM
Picture 28 Year 1FM
Picture 29 Year 1FM
Picture 30 Year 1FM
Picture 31 Year 1FM
Picture 32 MD/NF: estimating how many objects!
Picture 33 Year 1
Picture 34 Year 1
Picture 35 Year 1
Picture 36 LLC and K&U- labelling the human body.
Picture 37 Year 1
Picture 38 K&U- exploring texture through TOUCH.
Picture 39 PD: cutting trickey shapes.
Picture 40 Year 1
Picture 41 3D shapes- sorting objects into the right 3d shape
Picture 42 MD/NF: using 2D shapes to make 3D models.
Picture 43 Year 1
Picture 44 CD:Music- make a tune with a friend.
Picture 45 Year 1
Picture 46 Year 1
Picture 47 MD/NF: revising 2D shapes.
Picture 48 Year 1FM
Picture 49 Autumn Term Year 1
Picture 50 Autumn Term Year 1
Picture 51 Talking & Learning Partners
Picture 52 Autumn Term Year 1
Picture 53 Year 1
Picture 54 LLC- reading CCVC words & letter formation.
Picture 55 Year 1
Picture 56 Fine-motor skills- manipulative & Maths- counting
Picture 57 Welsh- dillad (clothing) and tywydd (weather)
Picture 58 Year 1
Picture 59 Maths- adding and counting on revision
Picture 60 Maths- number recognition and counting
Picture 61 Year 1FM
Picture 62 Year 1FM
Picture 63 Year 1FM
Picture 64 Maths and Construction
Picture 65 Bwrdd Cymraeg
Picture 66 ICT and Welsh

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