Autumn term 1- Family Album

Autumn Term 1- Family Album



This topic has a history focus and teaches children about the chronology of their own lives including their families. At the heart of this project children write simple narrative stories about their own families and develop additional skills in writing simple and sequenced sentences. 
In this topic the children will learn:

  • About the chronology of their own lives and the lives of their families;
  • How families are different;
  • How to use questioning and non-fiction books to find out information about their own lives and families;
  • How humans needs and bodies change over time;
  • About the differences and similarities between life for a child now and in the past;
  • About the senses and how we use them. 
  • How to present information using a variety of media.

Author of the term- JILL MURPHY:

Please send in any books you may have by this author and read books by Jill Murphy at home.  

Week 1
This week we have been writing about our summer holidays. All children produced some lovely peices of work and I was really impressed by their writing. Well done Year 1! We also draw pictures of our families and discussed who they were. The children all wrote a letter to themselves to open at the end of Year 1.. we hope the children will enjoy opening their letters and see how their writing has changed and progressed.

Week 2
This week we are learning about family members and sequencing family members in order of age. Children have been practicing their cutting skills and letter formation. We have been building and drawing our dream homes and it's been lovely listening to the children discuss what their houses would have. We have also been writing about who is in our family. This week we have started indoor and outdoor gym. Dont forget your childs P.E kit.

Week 3
This week we have been beginning to learn about our SENSES. We discussed each sense briefly and then focused on 'smell'. Photos to follow...
We have also been busy doing Maths and Reading and Spelling. We are all working really hard. This week we have also given each child a 'Writing Target'. (Please see Target section on our class page). Please ask your child what theirs is to see if they remember. These targets will be sent home in Learning Logs very soon! We are still talking about families and we have been reading stories about different types of families. Thank you so much to those who have sent in Jill Murphy books!

Week 4
This week we have been writing news again. We are getting children into the habit of writing independently- using finger spaces and full stops in every sentence. The children have also been given their Maths numbers targets of the numbers they need to learn to write to. Ask your child what theirs is. We have been learning the names of clothing in Welsh. We have been playing a Bingo senses game. We have been drawing 2D shapes with rulers and checking our lines are really straight.

Week 5
During week 5 we had lots of fun exploring senses. We listened to lots of different sounds with Mrs Taylor and discussed each one. Some of them were funny and made us giggle. We also did taste testing with blind folds on. We were only allowed to use our sense of taste to identify foods Miss McCloskey gave us. We all LOVED this task and it was exciting not knowing what we were going to taste. Outside, we drew and wrote about things we could SEE using our sense of sight. We looked in front, behind, to the left and right of us. A very fun and busy week!!!

Thank you to all the parents who came to our Pop In. We enjoyed meeting you all!

Week 6,7 & 8
During the final weeks of this first term in Year 1 the children have been very busy!! We had 'Assessment Week' where all children showed us what they could do independently. Children had time to work one to one with an adult and independently on their targets. The children worked so hard and we could tell that parents had been working hard at home too to help their child meet their targets, so well done to you too! All children who met their number and writing targets were given a certificate to go home and others who didnt quite meet their targets were given lots of praise for their efforts and encouraged to keep practising!
To end the topic on 'Families' we had a Christening. To prepare us for the event we watched a Christening and discussed our own experiances of Christenings. The children all wrote and drew about what they had seen on their Christening. We were also really interested in Churches and all the children had stories about a time they had visited a church or chapel so the children decided they wanted to write about their experiances of church as well! I was so impressed that the children wanted to write and helped me devise a writing sheet for them. What little stars! The Christening was a big success and the children looked beautiful in their fancy clothes.

What a very busy first term in Year 1.. well done!

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