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From Mrs Tabitha Sawyer
and Mrs Elizabeth Conche

Well done for knowing your targets.
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This half term our topic is Skin deep




We are beginning our next topic Skin deep. This topic is concerned with Health, Growth and Change. During this topic, the children will have opportunities to learn about the importance of good personal hygiene, dealing with substances such as nicotine and alcohol and personal safety in relation to the correct use of medicines.
In line with our school’s Relationship and Sex Education Policy, the topic will also provide children with opportunities to understand the changes that take place in both males and females during growth to adulthood. It is important that they learn the appropriate vocabulary for discussing aspects of life related to growing up and their body’s physical changes so that they can communicate about themselves. Our focus on these aspects of your child’s health, growth and changes is to help them to develop self-knowledge and self-esteem.
The following are suggested activities, which you might like to undertake at home with your child.
Talk to your child about ways she or he can stay healthy in relation to:
- good hygiene practice – care of skin, nails, teeth, hair, etc.
- talking about problems/worries that they may have
- safety around taking medication and precautions to be taken around unknown substances.

Nurturing Healthy EthicalCreative Ambitious Learners

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