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Welcome to 5CJ
with Miss Jones and Mrs Williams


Please can all children come to school on Mondays with-
NEWS - a recent newspaper article

  1. Full P.E. kit- that does need to remain in school for the week, including trainers
  2. Pencil case containing- blue handwriting pen, pencil, green pen and coloured pencils
  4. Planner- with reading recorded at least three times a week (checked on Fridays)
  5. Water bottle
  6. Any letters/ dinner money in a named envelope please

On Thursdays
Spelling book completed (one page every other week) ready for test

Class Reading book for after half term



We will be reading the book as part of our topic.

Eisteddfod 2016

Craft Activity - Create a representation of the Water Cycle (no bigger than A4). It can be 3D, a working model or in a medium of your choice. Models to be brought in to school on Monday 22nd February.
Poem - all children to learn two poems. 'Dw i'n hoffi' will be recited in groups. 'Mynd i'r dre' is for individual performance.
Please see letter about the dance, instrument and poems preliminary dates.
The Eisteddfod will be held at Bryn Cadno Community Centre on Wednesday 2nd March.


Reading- all children should read daily as part of their homework. They need to read to an adult at least three times a week which is to be recorded in their planner.
Spellings- Spellings are tested once a fortnight on a Thursday. A new page and spellings are set every other week, also on a Thursday.
Mathematics -All children have their Abacus and MyMaths Website username and password glued in the front of their planner. Maths homework will be set every Friday. They will have a week to complete it. All work set are reinforcement activities from the area of Maths studied during the week.
Times tables- Children will be tested weekly on their multiplication knowledge. We are looking for accuracy and speed of recall.
Other homework- Occasionally other homework may be set and this should be recorded in their planners.

We are starting to use a wonderful new website in Year 5 for their online homework. Each child has a letter with their personal username and password stapled into their planner.
They can use this website to complete set homework and also practise any areas of Maths they feel unsure of.  I have set all the children some work on decimals to start with.

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