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Hi everyone! Mrs Patrick and I have been busy getting the resources ready for you to start your home learning on 6th April. We will be posting them under separate sub sections below according to the week. Week 1 = 6th April and so on. You will find everything you need for that week when you click on the correct star.


Remember, if you complete any independent work or any extension work to the tasks set, please share this with us. Our email addresses for sharing activities are:


See you all very soon! 


Happy Easter Pasg Hapus

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Please see below for additional Literacy and Numeracy tasks. These tasks should only be completed if you have completed the weekly tasks to the absolute best of your ability and as you would usually do in school. Also some of the additional tasks are more challenging than others. Choose the ones that you think you will be able to complete. There will be marking sheets for most of these tasks so that you can mark them yourselves at home. The tasks will be updated for you every two weeks. 

Croeso i ddosbarth 4HJ


Welcome to 4HJ's page



Class teacher: Ms James

Classroom assistant: Mrs Cooksey


We are extremely excited to share our experiences in year 4 with you as well as key dates etc. We will be updating our page each half term with photographs of what we have been doing during our last topic and letting you details of our next topic. So stay tuned...


Key information:


PE in Year 4 is on a Wednesday.

Spelling tests will be completed on a Tuesday.

Times Tables tests will be completed on a Monday.

Reading books will be changed on Tuesdays and Thursdays.


Items needed for school:


PE kits should be left in school until the end of each half term so that they are available when needed.

Pupils will need their reading books and planners each day. Planners will be signed by Ms James on Fridays.

Water bottles must come to school filled with fresh water every day.

Pencil cases must be in school every day.


Topic 1: Wild Wood


Our first topic in Year 4 is 'Wild Wood'. We are currently busy planning what we would like to learn during the topic and we will keep you updated as soon as we have finalised our plans. We will, however, be making use of our local woodland - Pwllycrochan Wood. Watch this space...


Our topic so far...


4HJ have had a wonderful time so far this half term and have spent a lot of time developing their topic. They have planned the activities that they wanted to complete during the topic and they have come up with some wonderful questions that they wanted to find the answers to. They have begun a science investigation to find out how much water a plant needs to survive, they have found out the Welsh words for various woodland things using Welsh dictionaries and have turned them into a game of Chwap! and shape poems. They have also devised their own poster promoting taking care of the woods which has again been completed in Welsh. The pictures below show how they have been discovering the differences between Sessile and English oak trees and the children have been busy drawing out a circle with a circumference of 2m and one of 12m - this is because oak tree trunks have a circumference of between 2m and 12m! The children are very much looking forward to their next three weeks of trips to the woods where they will be completing activities such as building habitats, completing an investigation into the circumference of different trees, completing a treasure trail in Welsh, doing some forest art and collecting acorns for the woodland trust.

The circumference of oak trees

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