Dyma dudalen 3NW!

Gobeithio eich bod chi'n mwynhau gweld ein hanturiau!




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We are very pleased with how well the year 3's have settled into the juniors. Well done to everyone! Please can you continue to help your child by ensuring that they are reading regularly and are getting their book changed at least once a week. Please could you also ensure that your child brings their planner and reading book to school each day along with their water bottle and pencil case. Just a reminder that outdoor PE is on a Thursday and that 3BF are completing a gym module with Mr Dentith this half term, therefore they need their indoor PE kits on a Tuesday.


Diolch yn fawr!


Pop in dates 




Thursday 7th February



Pop in time - 3.15pm - 3.45pm

Active Learn - Abacus Maths Homework


Due to feedback from some parents regarding passwords for the abacus maths login, I have reset all passwords again. I have given all pupils a sticker which has been stuck on the back of their planner with their username and password and I have checked each account from school and can confirm that these login details work. The school code is pw3x. Please be advised that everything on the login screen is case sensitive and that all details should be entered using lower case lettering. There are no capital letters in the school code, username or password. All pupils have been assigned homework today reflecting some of the work which we have been completing in class. Could you please ensure that your child is logging into active learn on a regular basis and completing the tasks that they have been assigned?


Diolch yn fawr.

Pwnc un/Topic one:


New Visions


This half term we have been working hard learning about our new topic 'New Visions'. The children started off by helping us plan the topic and telling us what they wanted to learn about within our topic. This has included learning about the history of Colwyn Bay and how it has changed, drawing in the style of Sargy Mann (a visually impaired artist), learning where light comes from and how shadows are formed and getting a visit from Ibn El Haitham (the man who first thought about the idea of being able to capture what we can see which lead to the invention of the camera). We have had lots of fun and have a lot more to do in the coming weeks. Please come back soon to see some of the photographs that we have taken. 



Pwnc dau/Topic two:




Our topic for the second half of the Autumn term is Sensoria. During this topic we will be concentrating on our senses. We have planned our topic of what we would like to learn and have come up with some very interesting questions which we would like to answer. These range from 'Why do we have eyebrows?' to 'How do we move our hands?' and 'How do our ears work?'. We have started off the topic by learning about sound waves and we are looking forward to moving on to the next part and learning about what happens to those sound waves once they enter our ears. 



Pwnc tri/Topic three - Castles and Dragons:


We are very excited to have come back after the Christmas holidays to such an interesting topic. We have been busy planning our topic and what we would like to know about and have come up with questions such as which was the oldest castle in Wales? How many castles are there in Wales? and what were castles built for? We will be using these questions and many more to help us discover all about life in Medieval Wales and about why and how castles were built. We may even get a chance to make our own medieval castle... watch this space.

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