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Welcome to 3HJ!


This is the website for Year 3HJ. We will try to keep this up-to-date, giving you all the relevant information you and your child needs throughout the year.

Introducing our current topic: Castles & Dragon 



To link in with an activity for our R.E topic we need you to bring in a shoe box with your name on please..... 




This term, your child will be working on place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division in number.



We will be working on stories with a familiar setting and suggested texts for wider reading that will enhance the enjoyment of this unit this are: Katie Morag books by Mairie Hedderwick, “The Shrimp” (Emily Smith), Judy Moody Books (Megan McDonald) and “School According to Humphrey” (Betty G. Birney). 


The current Spring newsletter is available for download using the link at the bottom of this page.

Dates for your Diary: 


Outdoor P.E. is on a Thursday afternoon each week. Please check the school website for information on the required kit. We advise that pupils can bring their kit in on the Monday and keep it in their locker until Friday. Please ensure jewellery is worn and hair to be tied back.


Please see the main calendar for more school events.


Things to remember each week:

Monday - Bring P.E. kit in (to be kept in lockers)

- Spelling and Mental Maths Tests 

Every day
1. Bring planners in

2. Reading book (which can be changed when a parent has signed the planner to say that the book has been completed)

3. Come prepared with all the correct equipment to help you with your lessons - pencil case with pencils, a green pen, glue stick, ruler etc.

4. Keep a pair of "outdoor" shoes in your locker for outdoor breaktimes and a carrier bag so that you can put them in if they are muddy.

Your child has three different types of homework

1. Reading
We expect your child to read each evening and their progress can be recorded in their planner. If a pupil reads 3 times during that week and an adult has signed to say they have been heard, the pupils will be given 3 raffle tickets. If they read 4 times each week, they will be given 4, reading 5 times will earn them 5 raffle tickets, and so on and so forth. The raffle tickets will be entered into a class raffle on the Friday to win one of Miss James's fabulous prizes (1/4 of a dolly mixture or something!) Pupils must read at least 3 times to qualify for raffle tickets though. Of course, house points are awarded for each time the pupils have read too!  
2. Multiplication Tables
The children are currently practising and learning their 2,3, 5, 10s and 11s. These will be added to over the next few months. There will be a quiz every so often to check progress.
3. Learning weekly spellings

Spellings are tested and new lists are given out on a weekly basis which the pupils stick into their planners. Pupils can choose whether to learn 3,5 or 10 spellings depending on their ability and need to come prepared to be tested on them on test day. At the moment test day is a MONDAY.

Think you have learnt your spellings? Have a go at: writing them in different colours... practising writing them in your best handwriting...testing someone at home with them.... test yourself on the spellings ....use all words on your list to create a silly sentence or a nonsense poem....try spelling them backwards....write them in large writing.... write them in tiny writing.....HAVE FUN!!! 


You may have noticed that there are some practise papers attached to our website to have a go with before the tests. You'll also find some "quick tens" to practise your mental maths skills.....


Running (lunchtime), Judo (after school)
Netball (after school)
Football/rugby (after school)


Choir (lunchtime)


Mindfulness (lunchtime)


These are just a few of the clubs that we have here at Ysgol Pen y Bryn. There are many others such as chess, multi sports, learning a musical instrument, French club, book club, brass and string ensemble...


If you have any questions about the work that your child is doing or about how you can help them, please do ask! You could write a note in the planner or telephone to make an appointment.

Pop-in is on a Tuesday 3.30-3.45pm



Each week we look at planners to see how much our pupils have been reading. The ideal number of times is 5 or more and they are rewarded for their efforts.

This week these pupils were able to put tickets into the box....

Osian, Denver, Jenna, Isabel, James, Miki, Jac, Jezreet, Ava, Harry, Lauren, Lucia, Poppy, Lily, Amelia, Daniel, Madison, and Nick. It was Isabel's ticket that was picked out of the box and she chose to try to open the box with key and guess what, she WON THE PRIZE! 

Keep up the great work folks!


You'll find a few links to some games that may help you in your learning here....

Some may be too "hot" or too "mild" for you, some might be "just right".... But have a go at them, you don't know if you don't try, do you?

Let me know which games you like the best and why...! 

World Book Day 2018 - Create your own character....

Smoothie making

James's Powerpoint about Comic Relief

Nurturing Healthy EthicalCreative Ambitious Learners

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