Last Week of School


Hi 3BF,


I just wanted to share a little video that we’ve made of the time back at school! I wanted us to get the chance to say a little hello to all the people we haven’t had chance to speak to, so listen out for your friend’s voices!


To everybody in 3BF, I am so proud of all of the work you have done, but most of all I am EXTREMELY proud of how well you have all dealt with this strange last months of lockdown. You may have had bad days, but from speaking to all of you either on the phone or in person, you have coped with this situation amazingly, and I think you should be so proud of yourselves! If you ever have struggles in your life, just look back at this time and think “I can do this because I did THAT!”.


You are ALL capable of doing anything you put your minds to, and I am so happy to have spent this year with a brilliant set of boys and girls, you are all fantastic!


When you come back in September you will be in Year 4, you may be a little bit worried though, but that is fine - I think all of us will feel a little jittery on that first day back! Also, you are going to have an amazing time with Mrs Williams - she is a great teacher, and really cares about making your time in school special!


With that, I will also add that I will see/ speak to you next week, and I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!


Ps - parents - a few children don’t have access to google classroom at home/ perhaps won’t check the class page, so it would be fantastic if there were a way of you sharing it in some way if you can! Don’t worry if not, but thought it would be nice for everybody to hear some familiar voices after such a long time!

Thank you 😁


Mr. Fawcett

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