Blended Learning Spring 2021

Year 2 Weekly Plans

Week 6 - Week Beginning 8/2/21

These have also been sent to you via Seesaw


Blended Learning Spring 2021

Year 2 Weekly Plans

Week 5 - Week Beginning 1/2/21

These have also been sent to you via Seesaw


Blended Learning Spring 2021

Year 2 Weekly Plans

Week 4 - Week Beginning 25/1/21

These have also been sent to you via Seesaw


Blended Learning Spring 2021

Year 2 Weekly Plans

Week 3 - Week Beginning 18/1/21

These have also been sent to you via Seesaw


Blended Learning Spring 2021

Year 2 Weekly Plans

Week 2

These have also been sent to you via Seesaw


Blended Learning Spring 2021

Year 2 Weekly Plans

Week 1

These have also been sent to you via Seesaw

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Class Teacher - Mrs L. Chapman

Teaching Assistant (am) – Mrs R. Williams

Teaching Assistant (pm) – Mrs R. Taylor

1-1 Assistant – Mrs J. Davies




Thank you so much for coming to look at our class page!

We can't wait to get to know you all and to the coming school year where there will be lots of fun learning opportunities. We are looking forward to sharing learning experiences with you and watching you on your journey as you have lots of fun in Year Two. We have high expectations and encourage you to challenge yourself with the tasks you choose to complete. We look forward to seeing you very soon!



~ To begin the school year, we will be starting with a well-being topic that spans the whole school known as “Being Me in My World.” This will involve identifying hopes and fears for this school year, recognising feelings of worry and knowing who to ask for help.


~ We will be spending the initial half-term re-visiting maths and literacy skills that are essential to the learning process and ensuring that these are embedded alongside new concepts that we will be covering.


~ Due to the current situation we are currently asking that children do not bring in any items from home other than specified items.  These include water bottles and a packed lunch in a plastic bag or plastic sandwich box if not having a school lunch.

  We appreciate your understanding on this matter.



More information regarding reading books and reading records will be provided very soon.  



P.E. will take place on a Thursday afternoon. In a slight change, children will be asked to come to school wearing their P.E. kit on this day for an outside P.E. session – weather permitting!  Please could they wear a blue or white polo shirt, black or navy joggers/leggings, blue sweatshirt and trainers.  No P.E. kits will need to be left in school at the current time.




Please send filled water bottles to school on a daily basis. Unfortunately, we do not have access to drinking water in our classroom building and in the current situation, we have restricted movement around the school too. If your child is bringing a packed lunch, please also send in a drink at lunchtime. Children will have their water bottles with them at the table, but it is helpful if bottles can be labelled or named with a marker as quite often there are duplicate designs. Many thanks.




Spellings will be allocated on a Friday via Seesaw for a test the following Friday.  Information about spellings will be posted on Seesaw very soon.  If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to ask a question via Seesaw.  Access to Seesaw will continue through the code you received in Year One.  If you are new to Ysgol Pen y Bryn, you will receive paperwork that requires parental approval for your child to be able to use Seesaw at home and school. We will be happy to provide any further information should you wish.




Abacus login details will be sent home soon and these will be different from the details that your child has had previously. We will allocate learning activities where there is relevance to the concepts we are covering in class. Hwb login details will also be sent home at the same time.  All children in Wales have an account that allows them access to many different educational tools that can be used at home and school.  Again, you will receive details shortly about how to log in to your children's account. This again will be via Seesaw so please keep a lookout.




For those pupils who may have to remain at home and continue their learning, activities to complete can be found by clicking on the orange "Blended Learning" button below.  Tasks will be allocated weekly. Once you have clicked you will be able to choose the week by date to see the tasks for the week.  If you have any problems, please drop me a message on Seesaw and I will provide any further information you may need. Thank you.




Please come back and have a look at some of the activities we complete as the term progresses. I look forward to seeing you soon.



As part of "Being Me in My World" topic and our discussion about feelings and growth mindset, please visit our ever-changing book corner to listen to books that we have read in school and to listen to some selected podcasts.  Click on the bookshelf below and enjoy the wonder of books, virtual style!




Learning, learning, learning!


This week we have been learning the head shoulders knees and toes song…in Welsh! We then used our new vocabulary knowledge and a word bank to label pictures of ourselves in Welsh.  There are a few examples of completed work below.


We have been ordering numbers from smallest to largest and finding numbers in between.  As we know, everyone learns differently. Some children used numbered cards to move about and sequence and some children had a number line to scaffold their thinking.  We are honing other skills at the same time as our mathematical learning.  We are becoming more independent learners and are also transferring information from the whiteboard into our books.  There have been huge developments in just a few short weeks.


In each of our literacy sessions we have been reading a book paying close attention to speech marks, ellipses and exclamation marks.  We are learning that we can add expression to what we read by adding character voices to those words in speech marks.  In our written work we are making sure that we use full stops to punctuate our writing and also add details to make it exciting for the reader. We practice our speed sounds daily and are learning how important these sounds are for the reading and writing process.  Our naming and sounding of the alphabet has taken on another twist as the children constantly improve.  We are now timing the unassisted recalling of the names and sounds of the upper and lowercase letters.  We have already improved our time by five seconds from 1 minute 46 seconds to 1 minute 41 seconds!  Today we even completed it backwards but didn’t time ourselves for this.


At some point every day we also enjoy a chapter book together. To begin with, we read about the mischievous gargoyles who kept causing trouble and next we will be reading a chapter book by an author the children may already be familiar with from Year One – Jill Murphy. All will be revealed early next week…


Well, that’s about it for now. Thank you very much for coming back and reading about our week. We hope to see you here again soon.


Mrs Ch. 😀


P.S. Thank you also to those who have added a little slice to the top of the bananas it has made such a difference.  Diolch yn fawr!



First Full Week Round-Up


We started the week with some estimation in Maths.  We had to make logical guesses about the amount of cubes that we thought there were. We had to accurately count out to see if we were right.  We also learned how to draw a margin and set out work in our maths books.  There was some really good listening taking place because the results we fabulous. There was a lot to take in, drawing the margin, learning where to write the date and remembering draw a chilli to show which challenge we chose to complete.  All this before the actual task.  I am so proud of these adaptable learners who are taking the Year 2 changes in their strides.  Bendigedig pawb!


We have also been working on our place value skills.  We have generated a two-digit number by rolling a dice and then used our knowledge of counting in tens to help us locate numbers on a bead line.  We discussed what tens numbers the numbers were between. 


Our phonics work has focussed on speed sounds two and three.  We do these on a daily basis as well as looking at one specific sound which we blend and spell.  We have also been working on our capital letter names and the lowercase sound partner.  We do this by saying “My name is A my sound is a” repeating the process for all letters of the alphabet.  Next week there will be provision activities for the children to practise their partnering of the names and sounds.


There has been an allocation of a few games on Abacus to reinforce the concept of estimation.  To access Abacus this school year, please contact your child’s class teacher to receive their login details for both Abacus and Hwb.  I will send a little tutorial on how to access Just2easy on Hwb so you will be able to access activities that reinforce the spellings sent home each week.  Spellings have been added to Seesaw as an activity for you.  The sound pattern for next week is ‘ay – may I play?’ ‘ee – what can you see?’ There is more information regarding spellings here on the website and on Seesaw. 


Please find below a link to the class newsletter which has also been emailed out to you. The newsletter should give you all the general information that you need for the half term.


Next week, week beginning the 14th September we will be:


Focusing on capital letters and full stops in our writing.

Concentrating on place value and number bonds. 

Learning the parts of the body in Welsh.

Thinking about things that we are responsible for. 


I would like to say a huge big THANK YOU to all the children for their great behaviour this last week.  They are a fantastic class who are adapting to the ever-changing classroom and working situations.  Thank you to all the parents too for your support and understanding at this time. We look forward to another great week. 


Mrs Chapman 😀



Further Information

Please find below information regarding spellings.  This information has also been added to Seesaw.  Please check the ACTIVITIES section for spelling words and links to speed sounds to practise with your child. Thank you.


Two Great Days


I have had a wonderful few days meeting all the children.  They have been super listeners and learners and they have really enjoyed seeing their friends again. There were lots of tired looking children at the end of each day.


The children are very understanding of the rules and we have discussed how things may change from day to day to keep everyone safe.  


Next week we will begin work in books and learn how to set things out and we will start to use the classroom resources and hopefully the outdoor area.  Please bring a coat every day so we can enjoy the outdoors as much as we can whilst the weather is fine.


Have a fabulous weekend everyone. See you on Monday morning!


Mrs Ch. 😀





Seesaw - General information.


For a short tour of the Seesaw tools and how to log in please click here. This explains a few basic ideas to get you started and how to respond to activities.  Seesaw is always adding new features so I will let you know if there is anything else of use if they become available.  Thank you!

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