2ER Transition video by Elizabeth Roberts

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Hi 1SM
This video will tell you a bit more about life in Year 2.
I hope you enjoy it and we can't wait to see you all in September.

Mrs Roberts

It has been a great week seeing all of you who have returned to school.  We really missed those of you who have been unable to come back at the moment. 


As you have probably guessed, the weekly overview can be found below in pdf format. Please let me know if you have any problems 


This is the natural end of the contractions spelling list and is where we will be ending our spellings tests for this academic year.  Next week we will, however, be posting a full list of the high frequency words that have been part of the weekly tests this year.  If you wish to revisit the words periodically during the summer break then this will be available for you.  This is not compulsory, the children are deserving of a well-earned break but the list is there if you require it.


Please also remember that current Seesaw codes run out on Sunday 5th July.  Please contact us on Seesaw to receive your new code which you can begin using today.  If you are reading this after the 5th July, please email the school office who will forward your email to us and we will send the new code to you via email. We will be posting more information about the transition to Year 3 on Seesaw and do not wish for anyone to miss out.

As it is Friday the weekly overview is ready for you.  There are a few small changes and the addition of some highlighting to hopefully help to show what tasks can be completed and when. There is more information on Seesaw for you and I have hopefully explained it in each task description too.  The slight changes are new for us all so please do not hesitate to ask questions if you need to.


I am looking forward to seeing you soon.


Mrs Roberts


As is now the custom, the pdf document is available for you below.


During the next week, look out for announcements on Seesaw regarding the return to school on 29th June 2020 and for details regarding the children's transition to Year 3 which we hope you will find useful.


Mrs Roberts

It is Friday again, the end of another busy week.  You have again completed lots of great work.  Diolch.


Next week we have some more fun tasks for you.  The overview of what will be happening is below.


I am looking forward to seeing all the work that you complete next week.


Bye for now!  Mrs Roberts


It has been lovely to see and hear you all back after a well-deserved break.  You have again shown great learning this last week - THANK YOU!


The weekly overview for next week is available in both formats below. Spellings and times tables can be practised on Just2easy - J2blast.


As promised, here is the weekly overview for next week, week beginning 1 June 2020.  


I am looking forward to getting back into the swing of things with our learning! See you back on Seesaw on Monday!

Week beginning 24th May


Happy half term to you all!


Well done for working so hard with your home learning over the past few months. It has been lovely to see how well you have been doing and some of the lovely things you have been doing with your families too. 


This week we would like you to take a break from the work and enjoy your half term holidays. There will be no tasks set this week and activities on Seesaw will show up again from Monday June 1st. 


Hi 2ER


This week we have not included as many tasks as we are aware that the children have been working so hard and are getting rather tired! The children have adapted well to working at home. The way the tasks have been completed is amazing and for that we are grateful and so pleased with what we are seeing over on Seesaw.  There are some column addition and subtraction Math tasks, Literacy, Welsh and topic tasks, and the regular and daily activities. As a suggestion, we would like to ask you to complete any tasks that have not been responded to if you require more activities this week. Following this, the week beginning the 25th of May 2020 will be half term week and there will be no new allocated tasks.  Please use this time to take a break as you and the children thoroughly deserve it!


As usual the new spelling patterns issued today can be found on Spellblast over on JiT via Hwb. New spellings will appear next Friday (and the new patterns added to Spellblast) but the test for these words will be on Friday 5th June. New Abacus allocations will also be available from Monday and these can be accessed at any time with your usual login details. The weekly overview for the first week back after half term will be provided on 29th May.


As mentioned and provided on Seesaw yesterday, here is the link to access the children’s questionnaire regarding coronavirus. If you wish your child to participate in this questionnaire then you have until the 27th of May to complete it.


Have a good weekend.  See you soon.


Mrs Roberts


Weekly Overview Week 7 for w/b 18/5/2020

Hi again everyone.


It has been so nice to see all the work that has been sent in this week.  You are all working well at home and it is so nice to see everything that you are doing.  The weekly overview is here for next week and there is the pdf version for anyone who needs it. Any information posted here is also available on Seesaw in the inbox/announcement section. 


If you have any problems let me know on Seesaw and we will try to sort things out.  I'm looking forward to seeing your responses to the tasks that are coming up.  Have fun with them.


Take care and see you soon.


Mrs. Roberts


Weekly overview w/b May 11th 2020

Hello 2ER.  Thank you for all your work this week.  You have all been really busy and working hard.


The weekly overview is below.  If you have any questions please pop a message on Seesaw and we will hopefully be able to help.


New spellings will once again be on Spellblast on JiT. Please visit the Seesaw announcement dated 8 April and click on the link if you need a reminder on how to locate them. A pdf version of the spellings will also be posted after this update as will a pdf version of the weekly overview that you can print off if required.


The week after next - week beginning 11 May - there will be an optional activity to go along with one of the activities being set. We would normally have this set up in the classroom but obviously this is not possible at the moment.  You may not have the items immediately to hand so hopefully knowing in advance will help.  For now I'll remain cryptic if you want to complete it you will need:- one empty 2 litre bottle (clear), a smaller empty 500ml drink bottle, some garden soil and some sand.  Scissors and sticky tape will also be needed.  


Enjoy the weekend.  Keep safe and well everyone.


Mrs Roberts


Weekly overview for week beginning 4th May

Please find below the weekly overview for the coming week.  Should you have any questions regarding any of the activities, please ask. Just below this you should also be able to find a pdf format of the weekly overview document to download should you wish.  The overview will also be posted on Seesaw in the inbox announcements.


Abacus activities are allocated on the Monday of each week.  Should you still require log in details, please contact us via Seesaw and your child's details will be returned to you.

Don't forget you can practise the spellings for each week in J2blast where the new spelling list will be available. 


Weekly Overview for Week Beginning 27 April 2020

Please find the weekly overview of tasks for Year 2.  Should you encounter any problems please contact us via your child's Seesaw account. A larger copy can be accessed in the documents underneath this post.  


To access Abacus/Active Learn please click on the picture link below.



Many Thanks.

Hello from Mrs Land

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A little message- Happy Easter to you all.

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Week beginning 13th April.


Some brilliant work on your individual Seesaw accounts this week. Well done Year 2.

From Monday you will see your new tasks on Seesaw. All of the tasks are on Seesaw this week apart from continued work on the Hwb task from last week that a few of you haven't started yet. Don't forget to drop me a message on Seesaw if you would like to request your Abacus log in details where you will be able to access Maths learning games once they have bee allocated. I am really impressed with your efforts and work so far so very well done.




Other details




Read either your school reading book, books from home or access the ‘e books’ from Oxford owl- see instructions for this in your home journal.

We would encourage daily reading.




‘ear’ – hear with your ear or ‘or’ shut the door- depending on which one you have set on your seesaw account. The spellings will be released on Monday and the template for the test on Friday.

We would again encourage daily practice of these.


Test yourself on Friday


Easter story writing- use the planning grid to plan a story using the 5 pictures as a stimulus for writing. Plan and talk the story before writing it in your learning journal and taking a photograph on Seesaw.

Plan, talk and write the final story. Use at least 3 sessions for this over a series of days. You could write the story over a couple of days.


Mental maths questions will be set each day this week. Each morning you will find a new set of questions on Seesaw.


Fraction Cakes- fractions of numbers- on Seesaw


Fraction of numbers- On seesaw


Pick an activity sheet from the school website- home learning- numeracy, year 2 to complete.





3 Numeracy activities this week.



Scavenger hunt- activity on Seesaw.


Optional task- Stem- Can you build a house? On Seesaw


Complete Hwb Solar system task from last week.

2 new tasks and completion of Hwb task.



We will be setting a new Hwb task next week.



**Please check your Seesaw and Google Classroom accounts for activities.  Details of where and what you can find are detailed below.**


Hello! I hope everyone is well.  


Thank you to those of you who have already logged in to Seesaw and Google Classroom.  It's good to know that our learning platforms are up, running and working well for a lot of you at home.  


For the week beginning 6th April there are activities to complete both on Seesaw and on Google Classroom.  We have been busy putting activities together to help you keep learning whilst you are at home.  Some of the work will be completed on Seesaw/Google Classroom whilst other pieces of work will be written work with completed work photographed and added to Seesaw.   A reminder of the number of tasks for the week is outlined below. There are also further examples of websites, apps and activities found under the 'Home Learning' section which can be found on the school website homepage.


This kind of teaching and learning is new for everyone so please do not hesitate to pop a message to me if you need to.


Remember to send us things on Seesaw to show me what else you have been learning at home.


Take care and see you soon.


Mrs Roberts






**Please try to access Hwb and Google classroom as soon as possible.  By doing this I will be able to support any accessing issues before tasks are set from the 6th April onwards.  Please use your child's Seesaw account as a way to drop me a message and I will see what I can do to help.**


Thank you! Mrs Ch. 😀


When trying to log in to Google classroom the email address for the Hwb account is what you will need to use where it asks for the Google account email address.  It likes to confirm that the Hwb account links to the Google classroom account!  Sometimes it may ask several times as it has been known to get into a loop.  Any other issues, pop on to Seesaw leave a message and I will do my best to sort it out. 😀

 Minecraft - Education Edition for FREE


Everyone with a Hwb account is eligible to download Minecraft - Education Edition for FREE.  Copy and paste the link below or use the link on the "HOME LEARNING" page to download the relevant software.  Use Hwb login details when prompted.

**Apologies ...**

A few changes mean that work set by your teachers will go live from 6th April. Have a look on Seesaw/Hwb from then on to access specific activities for you to complete.


Tasks already scheduled and posted will still be there and can be completed in your own time.  You can still add to your own journals.

Thank you for your understanding.

Please check out your daily activities that will be published on Seesaw tomorrow morning from roughly 8:30am.  


I look forward to seeing your responses. 

Welcome back to Spring Term 2...


Once again we have a really busy term ahead. 


We will be continuing with our Superheroes topic for the next few weeks as we still have lots we would like to cover! 


Week beginning 2nd March.


Eisteddfod- 3rd March- Please remember to come in your Welsh clothes/ colours. 


Trip to Pentre- 4th to 5th March. Please see final details letter sent home on Thursday 27th March.


All pupils not going to Pentre will be having Forest schools sessions with Mrs Land- please wear PE kits on these days. ( Wed and Thurs.) 

Friday 24th January: Australia day


We dressed up to raise money for Australia after the bushfires. We did a 'Bopathon' in the hall and then created group posters all about Australia. 

Literacy Focus: Week 13th/20th January



We have been learning the ‘Supertato’ story with actions and are beginning to recite the story from memory.  We have some very enthusiastic story tellers who are great at recalling the story adapted from Sue Hendra’s original. The children have also independently made their own “Supertato’ character complete with cape - they look AMAZING! 

Happy New Year 2020 


Welcome back and hope you all had a lovely Christmas holidays.


This term our topic is 'Superheroes.' Please bring any items into school that are linked to the topic for use in our 'pupil led' area. 


This term we will be creating comic strips, superhero dances and involving the class in planning some other Superhero themed tasks. 



Forest Schools will continue each week on a Monday and more details about activities will be sent out in a letter from Mrs Land. 



Year 2 Christmas play


A big well done to all the children for performing in the Year 2 play. We had a really busy few weeks practising but the children should be really proud as it was a great play. 



Week beginning 11th November...


Raising awareness of 'Anti-bullying with our odd socks!!


We then designed our own and completed lots of 'odd' activities. 


Welcome back to Autumn term B:


We have a busy term ahead and this week we will be starting our Christmas play practising. We had auditions before the half term holidays and each child now has a part. In year 2 we do a play together with both classes. If your child has lines could you please practice with them from now until the play. Information on tickets etc will follow in due course.


The play is called 'The Sugar Plum Fairy.' 


This term our topic is 'Happiness' which will focus on celebrations, our show and 'what makes us happy.' This week we will be planning with the children some ideas of what they would like to include in this topic. 


End of Autumn Term A:


Well done to all of 2ER on a great first half term. Please see some of the pictures below for some of the fun activities we did this term. 


             Using our journey sticks in the woods.


   Uganda day- research task




Our class country is Uganda so we celebrated National Uganda day in October. We used a range of artefacts and created videos using 'greenscreen.' 



We also introduced our school story about the 4 purpose characters- ask your child if they can tell you more about the characters and the story.



Welcome to 2ER.smiley


A big welcome back from all the Year 2 Staff.            


Class Teacher: Mrs Roberts                                                      

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Taylor

Forest Schools and Cover: Mrs Land

PPA and cover: Miss Davies


We are looking forward to the next school year with lots of fun learning opportunities.  We have high expectations and encourage the children to challenge themselves in the tasks they complete.

Our current topic is 'Supermarket' - we will be asking the children what they would like to learn about the topic to help us plan around the skills we need to practise. We always encourage the children to bring in items of interest that may be related to the topic or just interesting!




Autumn A: Supermarket

Autumn B: Happiness

Spring A: Superheroes

Spring B: Remember Remember

Summer A: Wriggle and Crawl

Summer B: Far Far Away


Please find below some useful class information.


P.E. - blue or white polo shirt, blue shorts, black or navy joggers/leggings, blue sweatshirt, trainers/pumps to be left in school.  Please label all clothing so it can be returned to the correct owner.  Thank you. 


Forest school (alternate Monday) - white polo shirt, school jumper, black or navy joggers/leggings, wellington boots and waterproof coat.


Reading bags - Please bring reading books to school school daily.  There will be three opportunities to change reading books if the book has been completed and signed.  Please make comments and note the page reached as this is really helpful for us.  Thank you.


Water bottles - Please send filled water bottles to school daily. Unfortunately we do not have access to drinking water in the mobile. Naming bottles is also helpful as quite often there are duplicate designs.


Spellings/Abacus homework - Spellings will be sent home on a Friday for a test the following Friday.  Please look at the front of spelling books for more information.  I will be posting a pdf copy of spelling here each week so if you misplace them or your child is absent you can always locate a copy.  If you have any queries please do not hesitate to ask.  Details for Abacus homework will also be sent home soon.  Again, you will receive details shortly about how to log in to your children's account.


Dinner Money and Fruit money:


Dinner money is £2.50 per day. Please hand into year 2 staff in a named envelope or use Scopay. Fruit money is £4.00 for this half term- Many thanks.


Please come back and have a look at some of the activities we complete as the term progresses.  





Can all PE kits please be in school for Monday 9th September. 

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