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Welcome to 1VM!

Teacher ~ Miss McKibbin

Teaching Assistant ~ Miss Crossley

Thank You 

I would like to say a big thank you to all the children for being super stars all year! 

Thank you to parents and guardians for all our lovely cards and gifts. 

From Miss McKibbin and Miss Crossley 


Information for this half term: 

Topic ~ The World Around Us

Author ~ Eric Carle  


Fruit money ~  £3.50 or this may be paid for the year. 

Dinner money ~ £2.30 per day or pay for the half term. 

Please send any money in a named envelope.  Payments may be paid online. 


We have PE sessions on the following days: 

Monday ~ Outdoor

Friday ~ Indoor 


Book bags should be returned to class on a Monday and a Thursday.

Year 1 Topics 2017 - 2018 



 ~Family Album~ 

My Family/time and people/growth/senses. 

Fiesta Nacional de España


~Electric Rainbow~ 

Light, colour and electricity/light sources/Diwali. 

Christmas Performance 




~Pop Up~

Art, cart and design/fairy tales/invitations

Year 1 ball 


~Community Explorers~ 

Local community/geographical and human features/3D map/transport. 





 Carnival art from cultures around the world/seasonal carnival. 


~The World Around Us~ 

Growing Things and Enchanted Wood

Plants/contrasting weather/habitats. 




~~Have a look at what we have been doing below!~~

 Greenacres Animal Park

We had lots of fun on our school trip. We saw lots of different animals and even got to stroke some. We also went on a fantastic tractor ride. 

Year 1 Carnival 

The children had lots of fun at the Year 1 Carnival. We enjoyed decorating cakes to sell. We all enjoyed performing our carnival dance and parading with all the things we made. 

We hope you all enjoyed our carnival! 


Financial Week

This week we focused on money as part of the schools financial week. We had a shop in class all week where we had to complete different challenges. First we had to buy things from the shop, like fruit and vegetables, using a combination of coins. Then the shop became a giant clothes shop for The Smartest Giant in Town. We had to pay for the clothes. On the last two days the shop turned into a chocolate shop, we had to pay for our Easter eggs and work out the correct change from 10p.

Careers in Science Day

We had a special day in school where lots of different visitors came to tell us about their jobs in science. Below are the different people we met:

  • A sports scientist ~ we had a go at different types of exercises.

  • A vet ~ we matched pictures of baby animals to their parents.

  • A geologist ~ we touched lots of different rocks and learnt about geology.

  • An engineer ~ we learnt about how oil is lighter than water.

  • A midwife ~ we learnt about different parts of the body.

  • A surgeon ~ we practised using special equipment that the doctor uses in surgery.

  • Police officers ~ we had to solve the crime of who had taken a bite of the hot cross bun. We all had to bite into an apple to check our teeth marks to see if they matched.

Police Visit

We were very lucky to have PC Vicki come and visit our class and talk about all the different people that help us. She told us all about being a police officer and how to keep safe. She also told us what we should do in an emergency and who to call.

Fire Engine Visit


As part of our topic, Community Explorers, we have been learning about people who help us. We were very lucky to have some visitors in school. The children got to sit in the front of a fire engine. We also had a go at using the hose to spray some water and tried some helmets on.

The children were very excited and had lots of fun!

World Book Day


We had lots of fun talking about our creative characters. The children looked fantastic!

We read The Heart and the Bottle by Oliver Jeffers.

We wrote letters to the little girl from the story to find out more information and to give her some advice.


As part of a competition, we designed our own posters to encourage children to read. The winner received a book from the book fair.


We also took part in a shared reading event in the hall. Lots of different grown ups read to the children.

Infant Eisteddfod 2018

We had lots of fun performing our song  Adeiladu Castell. Thank you for all your cakes and shields.   


Here are our winners:

Singing ~ Grwp Gwyrdd and Grwp Glas

Baking ~ 1st Louis

Art ~ 1st Maddison 2nd Jensen  3rd Maisy  

Shields ~ 1st Lali  2nd Callum  3rd Lucy


Well done to everyone that took part, you were all fantastic!

Year 1 Ball

The children worked hard to create their own pop up invitations for the ball. They all invited their favourite character. We were very lucky to have Princess Belle attend our ball.

All the children looked fantastic in their costumes and had lots of fun dancing. Thank you for all the party food.



As part of our topic we have been looking at castles and the different features of a castle. We have had lots of fun making our own castles in the construction area.


We looked at different materials and their properties. We sorted materials into hard and soft materials and explored which materials changed shape. We discussed which materials we thought would be best to make a castle and which materials we would not use to make a castle and why.


As part of our topic, Pop Up, we have done lots of work on the story of Cinderella. We have worked in our groups to match questions and answers about the Cinderella story. We have created our own Cinderella story mountain. In the construction area we made our own carriages for Cinderella to go to the ball.


Cinderella ~ Class Adventure

We went on a class adventure using our imaginations. We went to sleep in class and woke up in the Cinderella story. We became the characters in the story.

When we woke up from our adventure we wrote a recount of the Cinderella story in our language books. We used lots of wow words and feeling words.

Skittles Investigation

We carried out an investigation as part of our topic, Electric Rainbow. We made predictions about what we thought would happen to the Skittles when we poured hot water on them.

We made our own videos of the investigations, to tell other children what steps they need to take to do the investigation.

Christmas Party

We all really enjoyed the Christmas party. We enjoyed dancing and playing fun games. Thank you for all the party food.

Snow Day

We had lots of fun in the snow, throwing snow balls and writing our names.

Maths Stories and Number Sentences

We have been working hard to make our own maths stories and number sentences.

Elmer ~ Class Adventure

We went on a class adventure using our imaginations. We went to sleep in class and woke up in the Elmer story. We became Elmer and the other elephants. We walked through the jungle and met the other animals. We rolled around in berry juice to make us grey. We acted out the different feelings of the elephants and celebrated at the end, just like the story.  It was lots of fun!  

When we woke up from our adventure we wrote a recount of the Elmer story in our language books. We used lots of wow words.


Addition and Subtraction

We enjoyed playing an addition and subtraction game in school. We used a large dice and a number line. Each side of the dice had a sticky note on with add 1, 2 or 3 and take away 1, 2, or 3. The children took it in turns to roll the dice and jump forwards or backwards on the number line. This was lots of fun!

A talk about France

We were very lucky to have a visitor in class. He told us lots of information about France. We had lots of fun practising some French words and phrases. We coloured in a French flag. We tried some food that they eat in France, yummy!


Colour Hunt 

As part of our topic, Electric Rainbow, we are going to be writing colour poems. To help us do this we went on a colour hunt. We made our very own class rainbow with the things we found. 

Read Write Inc

We have been recapping the different RWI sounds that we have covered in class. The children worked together to sort the green words into their sound groups.


We have been very busy in the construction area. We have been making fireworks and different light sources. 

Heights and Hand Spans 

In maths we have been looking at measuring and comparing lengths. We compared our heights and stood in order. We looked at who was the tallest and who was the shortest. We did the same with hand spans, finding the biggest and the smallest. 

Number Line 

We were given a different number card each. We had to work as a team to put ourselves in order from 1 to 30. 

Venn and Carroll Diagrams

In maths we have been looking at Venn diagrams and Carroll diagrams. We linked this to our PE lessons and healthy eating. We sorted ourselves into groups. We had children who liked things on one side and children who did not like things on the other. We then split again into girls and boys. 

Autumn Walk 

We went for an Autumn walk to search for things we may see when it is Autumn. Look at all the different things we found. 

Family Album

As part of our topic we have been looking at old and new things. We worked together to sort objects out into a past and present Venn Diagram. We also looked at sequencing our day, thinking about what activities we do at different times of the day. We had an opticians in our role play area linking to our senses.

Our Senses 

 We have been learning about our senses in class, this links with our topic, Family Album. We had to try and guess what was in each tray, using our sense of smell. This was lots of fun. 


Garlic/mint leaves/oranges/coffee/coconut/honey

The garlic was very smelly!

Fiesta Nacional de España


We had a fantastic day celebrating Fiesta Nacional de España!

We dressed up in lots of bright colours and tried different Spanish food. We had a visitor who told us about Fiesta Nacional de España and how to say some Spanish words. We painted Spanish flags to decorate our classroom and listened to some Spanish music. 



Number Value and Number Formation

We have been looking at number value and number formation in different ways. We enjoyed matching number values using dominoes. We used string to practise correct number formation. We matched the correct amount of cubes to the different numbers.

Welcome to Year 1LC!


Class teacher: Mrs L Chapman

Teaching assistant (M,T,W,F): Miss M Davies

Teaching assistant(Thurs): Mrs E Crossley


We hope you had a super summer holiday and are looking forward to the next school year.


General information


Reading books:

For the first week back children will bring book bags home on Friday.  

Each time you have listened to you child read, please sign the reading record and indicate which page the book has been read up to.  Any comments and observations are welcome too. We would kindly ask that book bags and reading books are brought in to school every day


Dinner money:

Please bring all money to school in a named envelope.  This helps the office staff greatly - thank you.



Our P.E days are Monday and Wednesday.  

Please bring all PE kits in as soon as possible. 

If your child has pierced ears it would really help if they could come to school without earrings on these days.  If not, children will need to remove earrings themselves or apply microporous tape to cover the earrings.  Many thanks for your cooperation.


Fruit and milk:

Once again please bring all money to school in a named envelope.  

This half term fruit and milk is £3.50.  

If you would prefer to pay annually you can do so.  Contact the school office if you would like to pay via ‘cash office’ or for more details.


Water bottles:

Don’t forget to bring a filled water bottle every day too. 


Many thanks for your help and support.


Topic work:

During the year we will cover these topics:


1.Family Album

2.Electric Rainbow

3.Pop Up

4.Community Explorers


6.Growing Things

Come back and visit us again soon to see what we have been up to.

Week beginning 5 September 2016


 A great first week in Year One. 


The children have settled in really well and we have been busy learning and having fun.  


These are some of the activities that we have been doing:


Working as a team to make a 0-20 number line.  The children had to read the numbers on a card then place them in the line at the correct time.  We then had to think for ourselves and find a number greater than or less than the number Mrs Chapman held up.

We also practiced writing the numbers 0-20 in the correct order.  Everyone tried hard - well done!


The children have also had the chance to try and guess the number of cubes in the box, only being allowed one peep before making a guess.  There were lots of sensible estimates.


There was more estimating - this time the number of grapes in a bowl.  The children could choose which range they thought the amount was in.  Then we counted the grapes in groups of five to see how many there really were.  This meant we were able to think about how we use a tally to count in fives - we recorded the number of grapes this way.


We have been discussing ordinal numbers using the characters in the story “The Quangle Wangle’s Hat.”  There were quite a few visitors to the hat with some very funny names... After hearing this story we have had a go at making a story map to retell the story without reading the book.  The children have really enjoyed adding to the story map and retelling the story.  We will continue to add to the story and hope to be able to retell the whole story from picture clues.

Week beginning 12 September 2016

We have had a busy start to the week!


This week in our maths sessions we are looking at subitising.  This means trying to say what a number is without actually counting the objects.  We are then adding a number to this to make 4 , 5 or 6.  We are learning to remember the first number in a maths story (putting it in our heads) and then counting on to the answer, working out how many more this is.


​We have also been writing ourselves! We have looked at what we need to include when we write a letter - address, date, who it is to and who it is from with the details of the letter in the middle.  We have been writing about what we hope to learn and do more of in Year One.  We will store the letters until the end of the summer term when the children can look at them again.  They should see some big differences.smiley


In our topic work for 'Family Album' we have been sequencing pictures of a baby, toddler, child, adult and an older person.  The children have been cutting and sticking them in the correct order and adding text if they wish.  


We are continuing to practise speed sounds 2 from the Read Write Inc scheme in school too.  Revising these sounds will help the children progress with their reading.  We will shortly be sticking a copy of the speed sounds into each reading record.  You will then be able to use these whilst reading at home.  Hopefully you will find them useful.





Week beginning 19 September 2016

This week in Maths we have been learning to add one more. We have used cubes to practise. 

We have also looked at double numbers and learned a rhyme to help us remember. If you would like to try the song at home there is a copy of the 'doubles recipe' rhyme below. We have also be measuring our feet and hand spans using cubes and centimetres. We then looked to see who had the biggest and smallest hands and feet in our group.


We have been busy in the construction area.  We have been challenged to make different types of houses – flats, bungalows, houses and caravans. We have also been learning the Welsh words for theses places.


After reading the story of the Wise Man and the Foolish Man and learning a song to retell the story the children have been re-enacting the story in the classroom - some with musical additions!  We have seen many houses on the sand fall down!


Have a look at the photograph of our shape house display- this is up in the practical area.  Thank you Ms Crossley for helping ussmiley.


Learning Log - apologies

Half way through dismissing the children we realised that learning logs were still in a pile to be given out.  We will give the logs out on Monday.  Thanks for your understanding.

Week beginning 26 September 2016


We have been discussing shapes and symmetry this week. When we looked closely at the shapes we could see that most had straight edges and one had a curved edge.  We learned about the word equal and that a square has equal length sides but a rectangle has 2 short sides and long sides.  We also learned Year 6 vocabulary - vertices - where 2 edges or lines meet. 


We have also been busy sorting using Venn diagrams. Thinking carefully we decided which hoop shapes, monsters, and fruit should be placed in (not all at the same time!) according to certain criteria.  Sometimes this was made trickier because some of our items belonged in both hoops.  We are learning that these can be put in the middle where the two hoops overlap. Sometimes objects belong in neither set so they are placed around the outside.


We all made a shape pizza using squares of ham, rectangles of cheese, triangles of peppers and circles of pepperoni.


We even took our Maths outside.  We physically sorted ourselves into simple Carroll diagrams based on who likes bananas and who doesn’t. We tried this again to see who likes pizza and who doesn’t.  We did the same for spiders.


In our writing we have been making lists.  We had a discussion about how we can help around the house at home.  There were some very good suggestions and the lists are now up in the classroom.  


We have been practising asking “Ble wyt ti’n byw?” and answering in Welsh to say if we live in a flat, house, caravan or bungalow.  We have been writing in Welsh too.  Bendigedig plant!


In our topic work we have been using our sense of smell.  Oranges, coffee, washing powder and onion were hidden in a covered bowl.  Using our noses we had to guess what was in each bowl. We had a lot of fun doing this.


Thank you for all the photographs of numbers up to 50.  We are starting to get a great display.  We have more numbers to add to the wall but if you wish to continue to look for more numbers we have been crossing of those we already have.  There is a picture of our 100 square below. Your support is very much appreciated. Diolch.

Week beginning 3 October 2016


In Maths this week we have been building on our estimation skills.  It can be quite tricky learning to guess amounts and not count the items we can see. We will be continuing to develop our estimation skills during the next few weeks.  We will also see how grouping can help us to count larger numbers. We have also been discussing numbers one before and after other numbers - before being a smaller number and after being a larger number.  We have also been looking at how we write the numbers to 20 in words.


Our number display is coming along nicely.  Lots more numbers are being crossed of our number square.  A picture will be posted early next week so additional numbers can be found.  Thank you to everyone who has contributed.


We have been using the ipads in the classroom to consolidate our shape recognition.   We searched the classroom for QR codes.  Then, using a QR reader app, we scanned the code which took us to a voice recording of a shape name.  We then coloured the shape the correct colour.  We had to use many skills and different senses to do this. 


In the writing area we practised our reading, writing and newly acquired list writing skills.  We chose words we could read from the word list and then wrote them on a list template.  


In our PE sessions this week we have been developing our under arm throwing skills.  We used beanbags and balls and learned the best arm position to release a ball/beanbag to make it travel forwards rather than upwards. We have learned a new method of travelling - lunge walking.  This required big, powerful leg actions.  We have also been dodging.  As we travelled along different pathways we made sure we dodged carefully, powering along a different pathway to avoid others.


New vocabulary has been learned in our Welsh sessions.  We have learned the words for socks, shoes, t-shirt and shorts.  We then coloured, cut and stuck to label in Welsh.  Everyone made a fantastic effort and produced great work.  Diolch yn fawr pawb!


During our ICT session we visited the computer room and made shopping lists.  The children could choose what items they would like to buy and how many.  There were some big amounts chosen but fun was had by all and the children were keen to show what they had included on their lists and how many!


Also this week we have begun using clay to make a model of someone from our family.  This is ongoing and those who haven’t done so will make theirs soon.  We will then be painting them.


Phew! I think that’s about it for this week.  Thank you for taking the time to find out about what we have been up to.

Week beginning 7:11:16



We are right back into the swing of things after half term.  As normal we have been busy with our maths.  This week we have been back working on number bonds.  We have mainly been adding but we have also been subtracting too.   We have been talking about how we can check our answers with the reverse operation eg 6-3=3 can be checked by adding the answer to the number subtracted to see if it matches the starting number 3+3=6.  We have also started looking at word problems or real life maths stories.  In class our example was linked to hedgehogs. 10 hedgehogs. 8 hedgehogs fell asleep, how many hedgehogs were awake? We looked at how we write these stories in mathematical terms.


Our new topic “Electric Rainbow’ is proving to be a huge hit.  There have been lots of questions asked to do with colour and light.  Hopefully many of these questions wil