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Welcome to 1VM


Teacher ~ Miss McKibbin

Teaching Assistant ~ Miss Crossley


Information for this half term


Topic ~ Carnival

Author ~ Jez Alborough 


Fruit Money ~ £3.50 or this may be paid for the year.

Dinner Money ~ £2.50 per day or you can pay for the half term.


Payments can be made online or sent into class in a named envelope.


Outdoor PE will take place on a Wednesday. 

Indoor PE will take place on a Friday.  


Book bag days are Monday and Thursday.


Greenacres Animal Park

The children had a fantastic time on our school trip. We fed baby goats with bottles and petted lots of different animals. We went on a fantastic tractor ride and played in the play barn.


Thank you for coming to watch our Carnival, it was a huge success.

The children had a fantastic day!

 We had face painting in the morning and they decorated cakes to sell at the Carnival.

The children have been busy this half term making shakers, headdresses and masks and were very proud to parade them around the yard at our Carnival.

As part of our Social Enterprise project, the children have thoroughly enjoyed making Carnival bracelets.

Thank you for buying them at our Carnival, all proceeds will go to a charity.  


Children in Need

Playing Safe

Today we had a visit from PC Vicki. She talked to us about playing safe. We helped Tarian the dragon to make good choices. We looked at different places and decided whether they were safe or unsafe to play in.

Red Nose Day

We have had a fantastic day. Splat the teacher was lots of fun! Thank you for all your kind donations.

Sports for Schools

Anna Jackson, the Paralympic basketball player, joined us in school to take part in different activities. The children did really well! They completed sets of star jumps, spotty dogs, leg drives and kneeling press ups. Thank you for the money that you have raised so far. Please can sponsorship forms and money be in by Friday 22nd March.



World Book Day

The children all looked fantastic in their storyteller costumes. We had a great day. We had a visit form Mrs Thomas, she read us a really fun book. We had to help solve the different problems throughout the story.

Year 1 Ball

The children all looked fantastic on the day of the ball. We had a brilliant time and had a special visit from Snow White. Thank you for your help and support with costumes and for all the yummy food.

Talking Table

The children have really enjoyed the talking table, bringing in a variety of interesting objects. Thank you for your help with this. As it has become very popular, we have decided to let a group show at the end of each day. This gives the children more time to talk about their objects and the other children time to ask lots of questions.  Below are the days for each group to show their objects.


Monday - Grwp Coch

Tuesday - Grwp Oren

Wednesday - Grwp Melyn

Thursday - Grwp Gwyrdd

Friday - Grwp Glas


A Midwife Crisis

The children were all amazing at our performance. Thank you for all your support with their lines and for their fantastic costumes.

Talking Table 

We now have a talking table in class. This is a nice treat for the children on a Friday. It also helps develop their oracy skill. The children can bring in something that they want to talk about each week. It will stay on the table until Friday afternoon to keep it safe.  The children are very enthusiastic and enjoy bringing things in to show. 

Right and Wrong

Today we had a visit from PC Vicki. She talked to us about being kind to others and about the importance of not breaking rules. We compared some of our class rules to laws. Finally we looked at pictures and sorted them into right and wrong piles.

Outdoor Education Week

During this week we made the most of our outdoors area and had lots of fun. We used lots of different natural resources to carry out maths activities. We had an estimation station, we measured sticks and used a Venn diagram to sort natural resources into smooth and rough groups.

We used the outdoor classroom to read the story of the three bears using Pie Corbett actions. The children enjoyed walking around the school looking for signs of Autumn. We painted some pebbles and made stick men.

The children had lots of fun carrying out a science waterproof investigation. We tested lots of different materials as a roof for our Lego house to see which one kept the paper dry.

At the end of the week we went for a walk to explore our community and take pictures of any of our houses on the way. We also went to the park to practise our new Welsh vocabulary.

                        Up and down - i fyny ac i lawr                                  

Backwards and forwards  - ‘nol a ‘mlaen



Fiesta Nacional de España

As part of international schools, each year group has a country to look at throughout the year. Year 1's country is Spain. On Friday the 12th October, we celebrated a special day in Spain called Fiesta Nacional de España. 

We had lots of fun and learnt some facts about Spain.  We listened to Spanish music and danced in the hall. We even tried to count in Spanish and answer some questions about ourselves.

At the end of the day, we tried some Spanish food including olives, chorizo and Spanish omelette.  

Year 1 Topics 2018-2019




Family Album

My Family ~ family tree, age, chronological order, modern family and cultural diversity

Special book


Electrical Rainbow

Light, colour and electricity

Light sources





Pop Up

Art craft and design

Fairy Tales - Beauty and the Beast and Cinderella

Year 1 Ball


Community Explorers

Local community, geographical and human features.

3D Map and Transport





Carnival art from cultures around the world


The World Around Us

Growing Things and Enchanted Wood

Plants, contrasting weather and habitats


Child Led Learning

The above topics are basic outlines of what we will be covering. We love to hear the children's ideas about what they would like to learn about. This gives the children a chance to have an input in the planning and take some ownership of their learning.



We will be using Seesaw in class as an online journal. We will be taking lots of pictures and videos of the children to record their learning journey. The children will also be taking pictures of things they have done or made. You will be able to see all the different things your child has been doing during Parents' Evening.

Nurturing Healthy EthicalCreative Ambitious Learners

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