Welcome to 1SM!

Teacher - Miss Mustari

Teaching Assistant - Mrs Ward




We have been using Seesaw as an online journal to record some of the things the

children have been learning.


We have taken lots of photos and videos of the children and they have even been taking their own photos of things they have done.


Year 1 Trip


We will be going on a trip at the end of the year. It will be something to look forward to and it will consolidate the learning we have done. Information to follow.



Information for this half term:

Topic - The World Around Us
Author- Eric Carle

Fruit money - £3.50 or this may be paid for the year.
Dinner money - £2.30 per day or pay for the half term.
 Payments may be made online or please send any money in a named envelope.

We have PE sessions on the following days –
Tuesday - Outdoor
Thursday - Indoor

Year 1 Topics 2017 - 2018

Family Album 
o   My Family- family tree/age/ chronological order/ modern family/ cultural diversity.
o   Special book
Electric Rainbow
o   Light, colour and electricity
o   Light sources


Pop-Up – Art Craft and Design
o   Fairy tales - Beauty and the Beast

Year 1 Ball

o   Cinderella – make and write invitations
Community Explorers
o Local community – geographical and human features
o 3D relief map


o Carnival art from cultures around the world
o Seasonal carnival


The World Around Us
Growing Things and Enchanted Wood

o   Contrasting weather & Habitats


* Have a look at what we have been doing below! *


Maths Money Financial Week


We have had a very busy but enjoyable week!


We have spent a lot of time in our class shop practising to pay for items using a combination of coins and giving change.


It started off as a fruit and vegetable shop/cafe, it then turned into a clothes shop for the giant from the 'Smartest Giant in Town' and finally it turned into a chocolate shop and we bought Easter eggs.


The children have also been busy writing shopping lists and adding up the prices and they have been completing lots of enhanced money activities including matching coins using money men, dominoes, snap and using a money floor mat.

'Careers in Science Day'


We have had a fantastic day and had lots of special visitors come in and talk to us about all their different jobs in science.


First we visited a vet nurse lecturer and we matched baby animals pictures to their parents.


Next we visited a Nurse Midwife and we learnt about different parts of our body e.g. brain, lungs and we listened to a heart beat.


Next we visited the police and we had to solve the crime of who had eaten the hot cross bun! We all bit into an apple to check our teeth marks and talked about finger printing!


Next we learnt about geology and had a chance to touch all different types of rocks.


Then we visited an engineer and we learnt how oil is lighter than water. We all got our own  hard hats to take home too!


Next we visited a doctor and had a go at the special equipment he uses in surgery.


Finally we visited a sports scientist and had a go at different types of exercise!


The children really enjoyed all the visits and learnt lots of new things!


Take a look at just some of our photos below! 

Fire Engine Visit - People Who Help Us


We are very lucky as one of our parents is a Fireman and we had a very exciting visit today!


We got to sit in the front of the fire engine and tried a fireman helmet on!


We also got to have a go at using the hose to spray water at a target!


It was lots of fun! Take a look at our photos!


Thank you very much to Heidi's Dad for the visit.

World Book Day 2018


The children looked fantastic in their creative costumes!


We read the story of The Heart and the Bottle by Oliver Jeffers and wrote letters to the little girl in the story to find out things about her and give her advice.


We also designed posters to encourage children to read and the best poster will win a book from the book fair.


Our author is Julia Donaldson so we read lots of stories and completed story book activities.


We also went in to the hall for a shared reading event and lots of grown ups read the children a variety of stories. 


We really enjoyed the day! Take a look at our photos below!

Infant Eisteddfod 2018


We had a lovely afternoon! Take a look at our photos below!


Thank you for all the cakes, biscuits and shields!


These were the winners!


Singing - for the first time we had two groups - Gwrp Gwyrdd and Glas and they all received medals.



Painting of a castle

   1st - Bea

        2nd - Harry 

         3rd - Arthur


Baking -  1st - Logan

                 2nd - Georgie

                 3rd - Zakiah


Shields - 1st - Abigail

                2nd - Rosie

                3rd - Heidi


Year 1 Ball 


The ball was a huge success the children enjoyed dancing with their partners and we had a special visit from Princess Belle.


All the children looked wonderful in their costumes and thank you for all the party food!


Take  a look at all our photos below! 

Mathematical Development



This week we have been learning about position and direction and all the correct vocabulary including:


left, right, top, middle, bottom, on top of, in front of, behind, above, below, between, under, over, near, beside, close, far, up, down, forwards, backwards, inside, outside, around. 


We decided the best way to learn about position was through experience so here we are on, over, under.....a table in the middle of the classroom!


It was lots of fun! 

Dai Chef


Today we had a visit from Dai Chef and Ellis his son as part of our mini healthy eating topic.


The children watched demonstrations of healthy food being prepared and Dai talked to the children about where food comes from and Welsh produce.


The children then tasted all the lovely fresh food and there were a couple of treats too! 


The children thoroughly enjoyed this session and we would like to say a big thank you to Dai and his family for coming in to talk to the children!

Spanish Day - Fiesta d'Espana


We had a lovely day!


The children came dressed in colourful clothes! 


We coloured in the Spanish flag.


We listened to the Spanish National Anthem and Spanish music!


We had a Spanish visitor and we learnt to count in Spanish.


We completed some simple Spanish information about ourselves. 


We made colourful posters to advertise Fiesta D'Espana.


We tasted Spanish food including Spanish omelette, olives and meats. It was yummy!


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Year 1 Carnival Day


Our Year 1 Carnival Day was a huge success! During the day the children had their face painted and decorated cakes to sell at the Carnival. In the afternoon we had our Carnival and the children paraded in their masks, headdresses and with their shakers! We then performed our Carnival dance and we had a visit from an ice cream van! Thank you to everybody who came to watch! The children thoroughly enjoyed it!


Mini Tennis Taster Session


We thoroughly enjoyed our Tennis Taster session outside on the MUGA.


We all got a certificate for trying our best, even Miss Mustari joined in!


Please have a look at the flyer your child has brought home for extra information and have a look at our photos below!

Spring is here!


We have been using our Outdoor equipment at playtime and during our Outdoor PE session.


We have also been using the Rich play resources on the yard during lunch time playtime! Marcus was making the most of the sunny weather and sunbathing in a crate!

World Book Day - Heros and Villains


We have had a lovely day! We listened to the story of Slinky Malinki - a cat that gets up to lots of mischief!  We made Wanted posters to find Slinky Malinki and we put some posters up on display!

In the afternoon the children drew WBD Selfies!

The children all looked fantastic in their costumes! We had Superheros, Princesses, Maleficent, Roald Dahl characters, Harry Potters, Storm troopers, a Knight, a Robber, Fairytale characters, a Fairy and Izzy the Ice-cream Fairy - with a fantastic ice cream on her head! We read the story too and listened to how the Fairy team saved the day by finding more ice cream! 

Infant Eisteddfod 2017


Thank you for all the baking and shield entries!


These were the winners from 1SM!


Song - Castell

1st - Grwp Gwyrdd - medals


Art activity - Painting of a Castle

1st - Logan

2nd - Marcus

3rd - Mia G


Baking activity

1st - Violet

2nd - Scarlet

3rd - Chloe-Ellen



1st - Leon

2nd - Owen J

3rd - Georgie



Year 1 Ball


The Year 1 Ball was a huge success! The children all looked wonderful in their costumes and we had a surprise visit from Queen Elsa. She sang to us and gave us Prince and Princess lessons!


Thank you for all your kind food donations and a special thank you to Owen Thomas's Mum for baking us a wonderful cake!