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1SM Reading and Learning log information

Reading 1SM
Children can bring their book bag in everyday but please give letters/money to your child to hand in.

In Year 1 we  change reading books twice a week and book bags must be in school on the following days:

Monday to allow us to change your child’s Oxford Reading Tree book. (Learning logs do not need to be completed until Thursday). Book bags will be returned at the end of the day.

Thursday to allow us to read with your child and change your child’s second Oxford Reading tree reading book, change library books and set a new learning log task. Book bags will be sent home on Friday.

Library Books 
Your child will continue to bring home a Library book on a Friday .These books are for you and your child to enjoy and read together. We are happy for you to keep books for more than a week but please return weekly to keep our system up to date.

Learning Logs
Your child will have a weekly task in their Learning Log please return on a Thursday in their book bag.


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